Our 20 acre vineyard only produced 1/3 ton of grapes per acre for the 2007 vintage, unheard of in winemaking. The concentration is also boasted by the use of free run juice only. The nectar that falls out of the grape without pressing!

The original old vines are over 30 years old and newer planting that are 5 years old, produce an elegant but massive mouth feel and show the concentration of a true pedigreed, world class Cabernet. When we first showed Robert Parker this Cabernet, it was just one year old. Now after 28 months in the barrel the wine is much better and is showing its true power. From the beginning of its beautiful mouth feel to the long finish the wine shows not only the beautiful mountain dark fruits, but also a carmelized sugar and chocolate reminiscent of the finest blend of handmade French oak barrels made by the artisans for this special wine. The fact that the wine can be drank now or for the next 20+ years is truly the "Del Dotto" style created by the philosophies of the family.

Appellation : Grapes grown on Pritchard Hill in Napa Valley
Acreage : 20 Acres planted in two blocks
Geological Situation : Vineyards face West, with cool evenings affected by Lake Hennesey
Soil : Rocky-Clay-Loam on both upper and lower slopes
Grape Varietals : 100% Cabernet Sauvignon with average age of vines 15 years
Vine-Growing Techniques : Organic farming practices. Ground seeded with cover crop and mowed in Spring. Green harvest in early June followed by bunch thinning and de-leafing in September. Manual picking
Reception : Sorting of grapes before and after de-stemming. Only whole berries are put in tanks.
Maceration : Five day initial cold soak for more flavor development. Seven to ten day fermentation. Wine is pumped over twice daily using a sprinkler system.
Barrel Transfer : Wine is drained off skins at finish of fermentation. Only free-run is put in barrels. Barels are 100% new French Oak.
Aging : 18-24 months